Thea Schulte - Business Coaching

Projects in a crisis?

A coaching program

5. Strengthening leadership

At this stage the focus lies on the project manager as a leader. How far is he or she able to give direction, to delegate, to inspire and to provide feedback etc? It’s in the nature of this topic that it is highly individual. Therefore, it is best explained with an example.

A project manager disagreed with some team members’ behaviour. Deadlines were missed and jobs from outside were prioritised without consultation. The project manager strongly desired a different conduct of his team. However, his discussions with his team had lead to nothing so far.

In a coaching session the project manager’s manner of providing feedback was examined. It turned out that the project manager had difficulties giving critical feedback. He used to criticise in a “diplomatic” and indirect way. In consequence it was easy for the criticised person to ignore the criticism. The project manager obviously dreaded to offend someone.

Subsequently coach and project manager discussed the project manager’s options to criticise in an unambiguous way without offending the other person. He chose an option that suited him best and adjusted it to his needs. The implementation of his new approach was no problem.