Thea Schulte - Business Coaching

Projects in a crisis?

A coaching program

2. Introduce methodology

The first goal is to achieve transparency. That means you will definitely know the status of the project, the achievements up to now, the probability of achieving the planned dates and the probability to stay in or under budget.

The appropriate project management methods are applied where this is sensible. If no work breakdown structure is available we start with creating that crucial document. The work breakdown structure is an overview of the project scope and is part of the project baseline.

The necessary activities to create the deliveries and to assure the project quality are planned, their dependencies determined and the activity sequences are defined. The time and effort needed for each activity is estimated and subsequently the schedule is developed. Constraints and assumptions will be taken into account

Project risks are defined by brainstorming. The coach leads through the brainstorming process and makes sure that all risk categories are considered and all essential risks are detected. The defined risks are assessed by probability and impact and risk responses are developed.

As a result of this stage the project manager has got a complete overview over their project. They have their project under control and have got a basis for informative reports.