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Training days


The participants get familiar with all knowledge areas of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) - Fifth Edition, Project Management Institute, Inc. and with the professional responsibility topic. They are actively involved as there are many practical parts. Sometimes it will be a small exercise done on your own sometimes a team work. In any case the exercises are diversified and entertaining.

The learning subjects are as far as possible adopted to the clients' professional environments since that makes the learning matter more comprehensible and memorable. For instance the participants create a stakeholder map for their real projects, discuss the organizational form of their company from a project managers point of view, or connect the typical project phases with the company background.

To complete each knowledge area participants work on exam questions which enables them to assess their learning achievements. In that way they get familiar with the sort of questions they have to expect in the exam.

The training is designed in a way that addresses the right brain hemisphere as well as the left one. The exercises are attractive and make fun. The learning process is supported by application of images and mnemonic phrases

There are enough revision parts during the training comprising several specially designed games challenging participants to concentrate on the knowledge area. The method is especially helpful to gain knowledge about the 42 processes with their inputs and outputs without tedious memorizing.

Apart from the revision games the learning subject is additionally revised by appropriate questions and team exercises.

The third and last module concentrates on revising all knowledge areas as well as the subject of professional responsibility. In mock exams participants work on questions of all knowledge areas. The questions get more difficult during the course and in the end the participants are able to deal with the more tricky questions. Tips and tricks for the exam complete module 3.

During the preparation course topics are addressed that are not covered by PMBOK®Guide but come up in the exam frequently.

Seminar material

The participants receive the following documentation:

  • Handout PMP® Exam Prep with workbook
    The handout contains the learning matters including all slides. The workbook contains about forty exercises of all knowledge areas
  • two mock exams
    Each exam consists of 100 questions of all knowledge areas
All documentation is in English.