Thea Schulte - Business Coaching

Additional Support

Participants should use the time between trainings for their own studying. They are supported by several activities.

"Step-by-step"-self learning tutorials

Some topics usually need more practice than others. For instance network calculating usually isn't done without the help of a computer. Therefore, most project managers have no practice in calculating networks and find it difficult. In an appropriate self learning tutorial an example network is calculated step by step. Each step is clearly commented so that students can look up the process whenever they have difficulties with an exercise.

Even experienced project managers often have difficulties with the earned value method. With the help of an example the method is explained in detail and practised.

The third topic project managers often find difficult is contract law. Therefore, a step-by-step exercise covers that topic and explains all contract types and the calculation of prices for each type.


Normally questions will arise during self-studying that may be hard to answer by the student himself or herself. An e-mail-hotline is established during the whole self-studying period. Students will receive detailed answers to all questions.

Mock exam questions by e-mail

Participants receive regular mock exam questions by e-mail including correct answers. This is to give students some practice for the exam.