Thea Schulte - Business Coaching

Soft skills for project managers

Softskill Grafik

Duration: 3 days


Projects may fail because they use inadequate methodologies but they also fail because of ambiguous work orders, lacking support from outside, team members feeling neglected, conflict etc. Therefore, communication and leadership are most important skills project managers need.

Participants know

  • how they communicate efficiently and what communication methods suit them
  • whow they lead their team efficiently


Communication structure in projects
Appraisal of the communication structure in participants' projects,
modification proposals

Communication methods
Communicating in difficult situations,
well-proven methods and how they apply to one's personality,
case studies

Leadership in projects
Leadership and motivation methods appropriate for projects,
case studies

The main part of the seminar consists of working on participants' case studies. Training methods comprise team work, role playing and counseling